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The Beauty of Sutton Trust’s Programmes - Holy Lucas Marco Tuwila

As you enter year 12 you may often feel overwhelmed, not knowing how to chase your post-18 dreams. This is where Sutton trust enters as they provide a vehicle for you to go to your favourite higher education institutions. The primary role of Sutton trust is to enable social mobility for disadvantaged students due to socioeconomic factors. The plethora of programs include The US Programme, Summer School, The Apprenticeship Summer school and numerous pathways to different careers. Dylan and I are already a part of the Sutton Trust family and we are able to connect with their vast alum network whenever we need assistance. This post will give you a brief but insightful overview of the two most sought-after programmes. The best aspect of these programmes is that they are free to apply for and participate in.

The Sutton Trust US Programme:

This is the programme Dylan and I are on and we have been given the chance to apply to US universities. This programme is a fantastic opportunity if you want to explore the option of applying to America as Sutton Trust, in collaboration with Fulbright, help you every step of the way. The application process is highly competitive but it is definitely worth it as the memories you will make will be everlasting. Once accepted, you will be placed onto part 1 of the programme and connect with the other cohort members who span the whole of the UK. You will have three residentials: one to a popular UK university, a virtual one and a weeklong trip to the US. You will meet people from all walks of life and have experiences you never thought were possible. Most importantly, Part 1 is for you to personally decide whether you believe the nature of the US and its university system is for you and if the answer is a determined yes you will undergo another application process to go onto part 2. Part 2 will occur during year 13 and requires a lot of effort; however, the benefits are worth it as you are rewarded with the chance to attend the US university you love. Dylan and I have made many fond memories on this programme and recommend this to everyone. The Sutton Trust-Fulbright staff are incredible and are dedicated to helping you find your fit (whether that be an Ivy League Uni or a liberal arts college, amongst other options). The Sutton Trust US is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for disadvantaged students to attend American universities through scholarships and financial aid. I reiterate that everyone should at least explore this chance that Sutton Trust has provided.

Check out for more information.

Sutton Trust Summer Schools:

This is one of the most popular programs Sutton Trust is known for and provides a chance for “state school students to experience what university life is like” Sutton trust offers 40 courses. It is partnered with Cambridge, UCL, Imperial, Edinburgh, and Durham amongst others to achieve this. You will have the chance to meet people from various places and share your passion with like-minded people. By completing this programme you will also be a part of the Sutton Trust alum platform and have access to Sutton Trust Online and some universities may give you preference or reduced offers. This is an excellent chance for any high-achieving student from disadvantaged backgrounds to learn valuable skills and learn more about the course they are looking to do.

Check out for more information.

Sutton Trust has multiple avenues for you to go down and has people passionate about helping you succeed. I only covered two of its programs but as stated in the intro there are also others that you should consider. Suppose you are looking to do an apprenticeship. In that case, Sutton Trust’s Apprenticeship Summer School will give you the chance to “gain an in-depth understanding of degree apprenticeships, what they involve and whether a degree apprenticeship is a right choice for you”. There are also career pathway courses that are very beneficial and include subjects such as Engineering, Law, Finance and Medicine. Please use to explore the full array of choices that Sutton Trust provides. Every opportunity presented is valuable and there will be one that is perfect for you so do your research.

Dylan and I on the Sutton Trust US Programme, meeting the US ambassador at the US embassy.

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